The Magic of a Parisian Easter

This week’s post comes from ACCENT Paris’ newest intern, Maella Barçon, who discusses Paris’ many Easter traditions and the opportunities the holiday provides to experience all that the City of Lights has to offer.

Easter is coming!  Do you love chocolate? Because if you do, you will love Paris. Not only are there some of the best chocolatiers in the world in the capital, there are also a lot of public activities during this celebration.

As you know, Easter is celebrated in many countries, but not always in the same way. I personally noticed it during my three-month exchange program in Germany. On Easter Sunday, we looked for Easter eggs in the garden and painted real eggs that we ate for breakfast the following day. In Latvia, they don’t eat the eggs; they throw them at each other in a huge egg fight. According to my Latvian friends, the person whose egg does not break will live the longest. Swedish Easter looks like Halloween. You might come across påskkärringar, witches who go from door to door asking for candy.

Well, Paris also has its own idea of the Easter feast. Parisians prefer to go out and discover the city from a whole new angle.  It’s a perfect opportunity to see cultural spaces like you have never seen before. If, like me, you don’t know the city yet, it’s time to explore Paris. Music, monuments, gastronomy… There is something for every taste! Wherever you go, there will be Easter eggs waiting to be eaten.

Thanks to a partnership with the Chocolate Museum, the Aquarium of Paris has hidden eggs throughout the aquarium amongst the different fish species.

Find the Easter Bunny in the Musée des Arts Forains located near Cour Saint-Émilion and be rewarded. You can even test the merry-go-rounds and touch objects from a hundred years ago in the museum.

If you’d rather be outside and enjoy spring, you have the possibility to look for hidden Easter eggs in the Champs-Elysées gardens in the center of Paris and in the Palais Royal gardens in the first district.

For the most fearless, the Manoir de Paris organizes a special Easter event called “Pâques Attack.” Some bloodthirsty rabbits will have invaded the manor house and will be lying in wait for you.

After walking in the city, you can take a break and eat at one of the many restaurants that offer a special Easter menu.

If you don’t find any chocolate, it’s not a problem–just go to Choco-Story, the Chocolate Museum, and they will teach you how to make your own Easter chocolate.

Finally, enjoy a classical music concert in the beautiful Sainte Chapelle. The program includes such famous composers as Vivaldi and Pachelbel.Easter Eggs are waiting for you in Paris!

~Maella Barçon, ACCENT Paris

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