SBCC Rome and Paris: Spotlight on Field Trips

SBCC StudyAbroadLogoContact404_404Jeffrey Leaf, the official student blogger for SBCC’s Rome and Paris Film program, continues his reflections on the program, this time discussing their many field trips, and how those special visits have helped them grow as filmmakers and explorers.

From the star-struck avenues of “Cinecittà” to the Banks of Tiber Island to the glossy beaches of Ostia, there has been no shortage of great field trips on this program. Leaving the classroom every now and then to go explore the various sites and suburbs of Rome has been incredibly rewarding. It is both a fun way to keep the class engaged in the subject matter and also get to know Rome a little better. After all, sometimes the best education comes from simply being in a culturally significant place.

Rome has so much to offer as a metropolitan area – it would be a shame to spend all day every week sitting in your apartment. That is why we love our professor, Mr. Stinson; Professor Stinson waves to the students as they settle into their new apartments!he is always willing to do something spontaneous and exciting if it will enhance our courses and lighten our moods. One of his best qualities is that he is not tied down by the curriculum. Rather, he allows our courses to flow naturally and smoothly integrates them into our various walks and site visits, which all serve as excellent backdrops for conversation.

One of the most exciting parts of these excursions is the filming we do when we are there. Learning how to make use of lighting and space at brand new locations is not only highly educational, but also grants a sense of fulfillment when done well, which is especially beneficial to the group morale. Additionally, the trips have allowed us all to feel more comfortable with the idea exploring Rome on our own. And what is study abroad if not the perfect time to grow as both an adult and an explorer?Taking a break to learn in the heart of Italy

~Jeffrey Leaf, Santa Barbara City College

To see how the SBCC Rome and Paris students are taking advantage of new locations for filmmaking, see Nicole Montague’s short film on the group’s visit to Lake Como!

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