SBCC in Madrid: ¡Bienvenidos!

This Fall, an adventurous group of Santa Barbara City College students will be living and studying in Madrid, Spain. They will be delving into a wide array of topics, from cultural studies, to communications, to film. ACCENT is proud to be sharing the experiences of the program’s Official Student Blogger, Rachel Sevy, as she and her classmates embark on this life-changing adventure!

After an unusual first semester at college, I found myself back at home — where I had spent my previous seventeen and a half years — feeling hopeless and confused. I had felt so confident in my decision to start my college education at Santa Barbara City College, and I loved the school and the city, but I knew I needed to come home. I was struggling with anxiety and needed to reevaluate the way I was living my life. My first month at home was full of self-doubt; I did not know what my next move was, or if I would return to Santa Barbara. I took my second semester at home day by day. I started working at a local restaurant, and I was studying 15 units online through SBCC — but I couldn’t help feeling frustrated that I still didn’t know what my next move was, or where it was. I knew I only wanted to be home for one semester.

I was ready for a new experience, a new place, a new atmosphere. That was when I looked into SBCC’s Study Abroad program. The idea came to me one day, and I instantly felt that it would work out in my favor. I discovered that in the Fall of 2017, SBCC would be sending students to Madrid, Spain. I have always loved traveling, but I had never traveled to Europe before. It was at the top of my list, especially the idea of visiting Spain. After informing myself through the program’s website, I sat my parents down and asked them what their thoughts were. Initially, they were nervous considering the world’s current state of instability safety-wise. Although I listened to my parents’ concerns, I told them that I didn’t want to live my life fearing the “what ifs,” that I couldn’t close doors on myself due to unknown possibilities.

Traveling has always been a passion of mine, and I was curious to experience a new culture, country, and life. On September 7th, my plane will be landing in Madrid! I will be studying Spanish grammar, Spanish Culture, and Film Studies, and I will Intern with an organization in Madrid. To use “excited’ as a term to describe my emotions is an understatement. I have never felt so enthusiastic about any event in my life! I will be studying in Madrid for three months, my nineteenth birthday will take place during my second week there, and I will have the privilege to experience a whole new lifestyle.

With my passion for photography, I will not only contribute to the ACCENT blog as the official SBCC Study Abroad Madrid student blogger, I am also hoping to start a personal blog filled with all of the beautiful creations I encounter on my trip, as well as posts to keep my family and friends updated on my current status, and encourage any other students to pursue studying abroad like I did.

~ Rachel Sevy, Santa Barbara City College

Check back in for more updates on Rachel’s experience abroad!

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Applications are open for the upcoming Rome Program Santa Barbara City College offers in the Spring 2018 semester. More information and the program application is available here. Interested students are encouraged to apply for the ACCENT Community College Scholarship, which offers awards of up to $3,000 towards the program fee and/or group flight. More information about the ACCENT Community College Scholarship and Spring 2018 application can be found here. The deadline for the Spring semester is approaching on September 29th, so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible.