Rimbaud and Lorca – The Final Poets of ACCENT’s National Poetry Month Celebration

It’s the last day of April, so ACCENT is closing its celebration of National Poetry Month with two poems, the first from French poet Arthur Rimbaud, and the second from Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Arthur Rimbaud wrote “Le dormeur du val” or, “The Sleeper in the Valley,” when he was a young man. It is a shocking poem about a young soldier who falls asleep, never to wake again. In this translation, the diction that Rimbaud utilizes to set the scene of the poem, words like “hollow,” “gurgles,” “bubbling,” “bathed,” set the reader up for the poem’s, and the soldier’s, final conclusion: a soldier’s death.

Federico Garcia Loca’s poem, “Every Song” is sparse and beautiful, capturing the ephemeral nature of music, of time, of life.

What poems and poets did you enjoy this April?

~Chelsey Little, ACCENT San Francisco