Living, Learning, and the Little Things

This week’s post comes from our new ACCENT London Programs Coordinator Ellie O’Driscoll, who studied and worked abroad in France and Italy before joining the ACCENT team!

I’m Ellie, and I am the new Programs Coordinator at the ACCENT London Study Center. For my first blog post, I thought I would write a little something about my experience living in both France and Italy, and a few little nuggets of wisdom that I have picked up from these experiences. Continue reading

Clash of Civilizations: Exploring Global Migration in Rome

This week, ACCENT Rome Programs Coordinator Alice Mangia discusses a new program with the University of Kansas focusing on global migration. The program explores the effects of migration on Italian politics, the experiences of immigrant communities, and the cultural enrichment that occurs when neighborhoods welcome those with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Continue reading

Winter Light in Paris

This week, ACCENT Programs Coordinator Audrey Casabielhe describes the unique beauty of the Parisian skyline in winter, exploring how the particular light in the City of Lights inspires residents and tourists alike. Audrey finds that to discover the magic of Paris, all she has to do is look up.

There is always something magical about Paris. Whether you are staying for a month or find yourself staying for 6 years. The big moments when the city shines and shows herself in all her glory, or the little and intimate moments which are special to only you, leave reminders of why you are here and why you love this city so much.

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ACCENT Madrid: The Reflections Box

As our new batch of Spring 2019 students embark on new and exciting adventures abroad, we look back at the experiences of our Fall 2018 students: What did they learn from their program? What lessons did they bring back home? To answer these questions, Programs Coordinator Megumi Ratliff and her colleagues at the ACCENT Madrid Study Center created the Reflections Box, where students could submit brief notes about what they’ve taken away from their semester-long stay in Madrid.
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Announcing the Winners of the Spring 2019 ACCENT Community College Scholarship!

Spring 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of the ACCENT Community College Scholarship! Over the course of the last year, ACCENT has awarded scholarships to 15 community college students, providing them the opportunity to participate in life-changing study abroad programs. As we prepare for another year of quality study abroad programming, we look forward to providing assistance to many more community college students in the coming months, starting with our Spring 2019 awardees!

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Florence: My Second Home

This week, University of California student Rosemary Orozco discusses the many benefits of choosing a homestay for your study abroad experience.

As a Global Studies major, as well as someone studying the Italian language, choosing to live with a host family felt like the obvious decision for me. I wanted to immerse myself in Italian culture and be forced to use as much of the language as possible as often as possible. And honestly? Mission accomplished. In fact, as a level 7 student, my host parents recently decided that English shouldn’t be used at all at home. Sounds hard, right? It is. But it helps me so much to practice and to have two parental figures ready to correct me or encourage me while I attempt to express myself and use increasingly more tenses and complex sentence structures. It’s exciting! Continue reading

American and British Literature in a Spanish Setting

This Fall, our ACCENT Madrid staff conducted a interview with Santa Barbara City College professor Melanie Eckford-Prossor, who has been teaching American and British Literature courses in Madrid and exploring the historical and literary connections between Spain and other countries. Melanie discusses how teaching abroad has benefits and opportunities that cannot possibly be replicated back home on campus, and how the life-changing experience of traveling abroad can bring forward new ideas and new themes in literary discussion. Continue reading

All About Bread

This week, ACCENT Paris staff members Audrey Casabielhe and Marion Bonnefond describe one of their favorite on-site activities provided through the ACCENT Paris Study Center: a visit to a local boulangerie! During these visits, students make their own delicious creations while learning what it takes to run a successful small business in France.

To learn about another culture and its people is what study abroad is all about.

This is why we at ACCENT Paris have been developing activities for our students that are linked to food, which is a huge part of French culture. Continue reading

London Like a Local

This week, ACCENT London Programs Coordinator Jennifer Taylor tells us about some of the best places for food, fun, and learning in London. A native of the rural west of England, Jennifer talks about her experience moving from expansive fields and pebbly beaches to the majestic skyscrapers, fast-moving crowds, and diverse cultural exchanges that make up a vibrant city.

I have lived in London for one and a half years, and yet there is still so much I have to explore! Growing up, I lived a 10-minute walk away from a pebble beach in Somerset that gave picturesque views of the Welsh coastline. Now I live a 10-minute walk away from the London Eye and the South Bank of the River Thames! It is quite a change from fields with 17 cows, to parks that hold music festivals for 60,000 people, but I could not have made a better choice! I’m going to share some of my favorite areas of London and some secret hidden gems of the city, all within a student budget! Continue reading

Je Suis Parisienne

This week, UCEAP French Language & Culture participant Brooke Pland shares her experiences from her first few months in Paris, a city that has become her second home. As she discovers the city’s hidden treasures and overcomes linguistic and cultural barriers, Paris has become a place that she warmly returns to after her travels across Europe, in other words, home.
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ACCENT London: A Glimpse of Royal Life

Washington University student Madison Siguenza has always been interested in the British Royal Family. So when an opportunity opened to study abroad in London, Madison embraced the opportunity and headed to the UK to see the Royals for herself.

Just like many Americans, I have a fascination with the Royal Family. I grew up reading historical fiction and watching British shows depicting the lives of the Royals. Because of this, I’ve spent time making sure I visit some of the must-see royal sites here in London. Continue reading

ACCENT Florence: Anticipation of the Possible

This week, we join Texas Christian University student Katie Kelton as she looks back on her first few months in Florence and the days and weeks to come.

After two months in Florence, I can’t imagine studying abroad anywhere else. When the time came to choose a study abroad location about six months ago, I was extremely conflicted and overwhelmed by the numerous options. I knew I wanted to study in Europe, but where? Madrid? London? Paris? Rome? After extensive research online and recommendations from friends and professors, I settled on Florence, Italy. Continue reading