ACCENT Community College Scholarship: La Dolce Vita

This week, we join ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipient Samantha Castillo as she leaves the bustling city of Paris behind and embarks on a new adventure in Rome. She reflects upon how study abroad has allowed her to gain confidence, whilst marveling at the ancient Roman ruins and connecting with the easygoing, welcoming Italian culture.

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ACCENT on Instagram: Summer 2019 in Review

With the launch of our Instagram pages in late 2017, ACCENT has given more and more students the opportunity to share their unique experiences studying abroad. Each photo opens a window into the many services ACCENT provides its partners, from customized visits with local industry leaders to interdisciplinary course content covering everything from STEM subjects to the arts to public policy. Today’s post highlights some of the unique offerings provided by ACCENT’s extensive connections to academia, business, and local culture. Take a look back at what ACCENT has offered this summer to students from around the country. Continue reading

ACCENT Community College Scholarship: Parisian Picnics and “The French Method”

Today, we check back in with ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipient Hunter Dickey, who recently returned home from a summer term in Paris. Hunter reflects on the academic and personal benefits of studying abroad and how adopting the Parisian lifestyle has helped him both in and out of the classroom. Continue reading

Love Was Everywhere

This week, Loyola Marymount University student Meaghan Wagner reveals how her two-week study abroad program in Rome changed her outlook on life, academics, and her career goals.

Imagine spending two years preparing for two weeks of your life: planning every flight, every museum, every restaurant, even every stop for gelato. Well, that’s what I did. I spent two years preparing for —obsessing over – this study abroad trip to Rome. Continue reading