Madrid Moments!

TMartinezThis week, we’re bringing you the first of many in our Madrid “Live Like A Local” series, “Madrid Moments!” from our ACCENT Madrid Study Center staff member Triana Martinez.

Taberna Según Emma / Restaurante Emma Cocina – Plaza de San Miguel / Plaza del Conde Miranda, 4.

One of my favorite places in town is undoubtedly Taberna Según Emma. It is a small bar located behind the well known Mercado de San Miguel where you can try delicious Spanish cuisine such as salmorejo, which is cold tomato cream with boiled egg and ham, or their tostas, a piece of toasted bread filled with ham or vegetables.A. Pic 1 pick 1

Their dishes are prepared with love and care. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere and is located right next to Plaza Mayor and Barrio de los Austrias. No one will regret going to this wonderful place full of charm!

A. Pic 2 pick 1

Museo Sorolla – Paeso del General Martinez Campos, 37.

My favorite hidden treasure in Madrid is the Museo Sorolla. The museum itself is the family house of the Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla, and has been preserved over time as an exhibit for his paintings and personal belongings. Sorolla painted in several styles, although he is best known for his beautifully lit Mediterranean beach scenes. His paintings tend to be calm and serene, and feature subjects like the sea, children, and women.Museo Sorolla

I love walking through the gardens that surround the building. They were designed by the painter himself and take me to another time: an oasis in the midst of a busy city. Extra perk: Museo Sorolla is conveniently located nearby the ACCENT Madrid Study Center, so if you’re seeking refuge from your studies, respite is not far away!A. Pic 3 pick 2

~Triana Martinez, ACCENT Madrid