From Florence to Bologna

UC Berkeley student Roberto Ulloa is no stranger to our ACCENT Florence Study Center. While completing his 2017 Spring semester with ACCENT, Roberto discovered his passion for Italian language and culture. Upon returning to the States, Roberto declared a second major in Italian Studies and is now completing his degree at the University of Bologna. Roberto drops in from time to time to visit our Florence staff and reminisce about where his Italian adventure started.
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ACCENT Community College Scholarship: A Cultural Exploration

Today’s post comes from ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipient Jessica Nichol, who is spending her semester abroad in Rome with Santa Barbara City College. Jessica takes us through a day in her life as a study abroad student, including the many cultural differences between Italy and the U.S.

Touchdown! I felt the plane land in Italy late on February fourth. My heart aflutter and my stomach full of butterflies, I disembarked the plane ready to take on what this new adventure held in store for me. When at home, I decided that I would leave behind my American background and embrace the Italian lifestyle. After landing in Rome I decided to dissolve any expectations I had and welcome the experience ahead of me. Continue reading

ACCENT Community College Scholarship: Expectations and Assimilation

Today, we join Santa Barbara City College student Rachael Sincavage as she embarks on her adventures in Rome. Though she expected to immediately start blending in, Rachael found that assimilation and language learning are slow– and often stressful– processes. Determined to keep an optimistic outlook, Rachael will continue to learn and grow in Italy!

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Neighborhoods of Rome

This week, members of our ACCENT Rome staff came together to discuss their favorite neighborhoods in Rome. Rome has 22 different districts, each with their own history and culture.

At the ACCENT Rome Study Center, we always encourage the students to get out of their bubble and explore Rome beyond the most touristic spots. In a city as big as this, sometimes it is tempting to remain within the well-trodden neighborhoods surrounding the historical center, but you would be missing out on the real flavor of Rome, with all its beauty and surprises. Every neighborhood has its own unique character and atmosphere. Continue reading

Fashionable Paris

It’s Fashion Week in Paris! Designers from around the world are in Paris this week for one of the industry’s biggest fashion shows. Programs Coordinator Audrey Casabielhe documents the rise of high fashion in France and the movements that both challenged it and contributed to its lasting popularity.

Of all the treasures Paris has to offer, one that stands out this month is the Paris Fashion Show. February is the traditional time for the Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion week with Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Nina Ricci, and many more designers presenting their collection for the next winter. Continue reading

Reviving the Spirit of Dickens: A Trip to the Old Vic

Today’s post comes from Queens University of Charlotte student Katie Farrell, who studied English literature in London this past winter. Katie reminisces about her experiences in the United Kingdom and, in particular, a fantastic theater performance of “A Christmas Carol” the group attended.

Walking down the streets of London has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to take the typical tourist photo of Big Ben and see the London Eye. What I never anticipated, though, was learning about the city through the eyes of authors writing generations before me. Continue reading

An Excerpt from Insights: Internships – Event Planning in Florence

The Insights newsletter highlights innovative programs with ACCENT. Today’s excerpt comes from our January 2019 edition. For more Insights, visit our newsletter at:

Courtney Ricci has clear career objectives in mind and has created her own educational path to reach them. A student at the University of Minnesota, Courtney aims to specialize in contract law and represent professional athletes and coaches. Continue reading

A Taste of Something New

Each Fall, the University of California Education Abroad Program partners with ACCENT to send three lucky groups of UC students to Barcelona, Syracuse, and Florence to study Mediterranean Politics, Food & Culture. Each group goes to all three cities in different orders, the academic content of the program altered to cater to each group’s different itinerary. Students visit small local farms, non-profits, and governing bodies, tasting the unique flavors of the Mediterranean along the way.

Join Ava Lalezarzadeh as she describes the joys and struggles of studying abroad in three different locations, and how the program helped her learn how to seize opportunities when they present themselves. Continue reading

Living, Learning, and the Little Things

This week’s post comes from our new ACCENT London Programs Coordinator Ellie O’Driscoll, who studied and worked abroad in France and Italy before joining the ACCENT team!

I’m Ellie, and I am the new Programs Coordinator at the ACCENT London Study Center. For my first blog post, I thought I would write a little something about my experience living in both France and Italy, and a few little nuggets of wisdom that I have picked up from these experiences. Continue reading

Winter Light in Paris

This week, ACCENT Programs Coordinator Audrey Casabielhe describes the unique beauty of the Parisian skyline in winter, exploring how the particular light in the City of Lights inspires residents and tourists alike. Audrey finds that to discover the magic of Paris, all she has to do is look up.

There is always something magical about Paris. Whether you are staying for a month or find yourself staying for 6 years. The big moments when the city shines and shows herself in all her glory, or the little and intimate moments which are special to only you, leave reminders of why you are here and why you love this city so much.

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ACCENT Madrid: The Reflections Box

As our new batch of Spring 2019 students embark on new and exciting adventures abroad, we look back at the experiences of our Fall 2018 students: What did they learn from their program? What lessons did they bring back home? To answer these questions, Programs Coordinator Megumi Ratliff and her colleagues at the ACCENT Madrid Study Center created the Reflections Box, where students could submit brief notes about what they’ve taken away from their semester-long stay in Madrid.
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Announcing the Winners of the Spring 2019 ACCENT Community College Scholarship!

Spring 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of the ACCENT Community College Scholarship! Over the course of the last year, ACCENT has awarded scholarships to 15 community college students, providing them the opportunity to participate in life-changing study abroad programs. As we prepare for another year of quality study abroad programming, we look forward to providing assistance to many more community college students in the coming months, starting with our Spring 2019 awardees!

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