ACCENT on Instagram: Summer 2019 in Review

With the launch of our Instagram pages in late 2017, ACCENT has given more and more students the opportunity to share their unique experiences studying abroad. Each photo opens a window into the many services ACCENT provides its partners, from customized visits with local industry leaders to interdisciplinary course content covering everything from STEM subjects to the arts to public policy. Today’s post highlights some of the unique offerings provided by ACCENT’s extensive connections to academia, business, and local culture. Take a look back at what ACCENT has offered this summer to students from around the country. Continue reading

Tradition and Innovation: Seseña Capes in Madrid

This week, ACCENT Madrid’s Senior Programs Coordinator Raquel del Pozo Martínez discusses a visit Washington University business students took to Casa Seseña, makers of stylish capes. There, the students learned how such a seemingly niche product has supported this small family business for over 100 years

Some businesses close their doors after a short season, while others thrive for decades. Few can boast over a century of operations, surviving civil war, dramatic cultural shifts, economic recession, and gentrification to build a client list that includes Ernest Hemingway, Hillary Clinton, and Jeremy Irons.  Continue reading

An Excerpt from Insights: Startup Consultants in Madrid and Sarajevo

The Insights newsletter highlights innovative programs with ACCENT. Today’s excerpt comes from our NEW July 2019 edition. For more Insights, visit our newsletter at:

This summer, students from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis embarked on a comparative study of startup entrepreneurship in moments of transition. Continue reading

ACCENT Community College Scholarship: New Beginnings

The first few weeks of any study abroad program are full of wonder, challenges, unforgettable memories, and newfound friendships. Although studying in vastly different cities, ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipients Carol Gross and Frida Linero both have experienced the incomparable thrill of discovery as they embark on their study abroad adventures.

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An Excerpt from Insights – Manzanares Reborn: Ecological Restoration in Madrid

The Insights newsletter highlights innovative programs with ACCENT. Today’s excerpt comes from our January 2019 edition. For more Insights, visit our newsletter at:

In last November’s issue, we featured a site visit to Madrid’s central water treatment facility as part of the University of California’s interdisciplinary Political Ecologies course. The custom course compares and analyzes environmental histories, political systems, and socio-economic and political actors in Spain and California.

This fall, semester students from the same course traveled to the capital’s Manzanares River with professor Francisco Seijo to investigate an on-going ecological restoration project. Once described by Spanish writer Quevedo as a mere “apprentice river,” the Manzanares has undergone significant transformations and now it is an excellent example of success in ecological restoration. Continue reading

Announcing the Winners of the Summer 2019 ACCENT Community College Scholarship!

Beginning with its first community college partnerships in 1991, ACCENT has continued to offer affordable short-term and semester-length custom study abroad programs designed to meet the unique academic needs of the community college population. Through these efforts, ACCENT has enabled over 8,000 students from over 25 U.S. community colleges to study abroad over the past 25 years.

ACCENT is proud to announce the recipients of our Summer 2019 ACCENT Community College Scholarship! These students have received scholarship awards to assist their study abroad experiences in ACCENT-supported programs across Europe. Meet our Summer 2019 recipients!

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ACCENT Madrid: Coffee, Robots, and the Uncanny Valley

Today’s post comes from ACCENT Madrid Programs Coordinator Ana Hernández, who describes a particularly thought-provoking visit to Espacio Fundación Telefónica, where students wrestled with questions of ethics in artificial intelligence.

Every second week of the month, ACCENT Madrid holds its famous Coffee House, an evening during which students are invited to share their experiences with our staff and other students while enjoying a warm cup of coffee and exploring local galleries. Continue reading

A Taste of Something New

Each Fall, the University of California Education Abroad Program partners with ACCENT to send three lucky groups of UC students to Barcelona, Syracuse, and Florence to study Mediterranean Politics, Food & Culture. Each group goes to all three cities in different orders, the academic content of the program altered to cater to each group’s different itinerary. Students visit small local farms, non-profits, and governing bodies, tasting the unique flavors of the Mediterranean along the way.

Join Ava Lalezarzadeh as she describes the joys and struggles of studying abroad in three different locations, and how the program helped her learn how to seize opportunities when they present themselves. Continue reading