Tradition and Innovation: Seseña Capes in Madrid

This week, ACCENT Madrid’s Senior Programs Coordinator Raquel del Pozo Martínez discusses a visit Washington University business students took to Casa Seseña, makers of stylish capes. There, the students learned how such a seemingly niche product has supported this small family business for over 100 years

Some businesses close their doors after a short season, while others thrive for decades. Few can boast over a century of operations, surviving civil war, dramatic cultural shifts, economic recession, and gentrification to build a client list that includes Ernest Hemingway, Hillary Clinton, and Jeremy Irons.  Continue reading

ACCENT Community College Scholarship: A Storybook Adventure

This week, ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipient Megan Jones describes her initial feelings upon first arriving in Florence and the academic and personal benefits that come from studying art and history in context.

My first few days in Italy were a whirlwind of emotion. This trip marked my first time traveling outside of North America, and I had no idea what waited for me after stepping off my plane and boarding my train. What I discovered was a beautiful city called Florence. Continue reading

An Excerpt from Insights: Startup Consultants in Madrid and Sarajevo

The Insights newsletter highlights innovative programs with ACCENT. Today’s excerpt comes from our NEW July 2019 edition. For more Insights, visit our newsletter at:

This summer, students from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis embarked on a comparative study of startup entrepreneurship in moments of transition. Continue reading

Firenze Again

UCLA student Leilani Gaugin Rosenthal is no stranger to the beauty and culture of Florence. After a successful summer with us in 2016, Leilani returned to Florence this Spring to study Language, Culture, Food and Business with UCEAP and ACCENT. Although she was already a well-traveled student when she arrived, Leilani’s second trip to Florence opened her eyes to the complexity of not only Italian culture, but the experience of Americans as they explore this brave new world. Continue reading

ACCENT Community College Scholarship: New Beginnings

The first few weeks of any study abroad program are full of wonder, challenges, unforgettable memories, and newfound friendships. Although studying in vastly different cities, ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipients Carol Gross and Frida Linero both have experienced the incomparable thrill of discovery as they embark on their study abroad adventures.

Continue reading

ACCENT Paris: The 2019 Women’s World Cup

This week, ACCENT Paris’ new Intern, Maëla Barçon, writes about this year’s Women’s World Cup and the history of women’s soccer in western Europe.

Do you remember 2018?  As a huge football fan, I do.

That year, France won the World Cup in Russia. All throughout France, we heard the songs of victory, whether we were at home, or with hundreds of thousands people on the Champs-Elysées. It was an historic year for French sports fans.

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An Excerpt from Insights – Manzanares Reborn: Ecological Restoration in Madrid

The Insights newsletter highlights innovative programs with ACCENT. Today’s excerpt comes from our January 2019 edition. For more Insights, visit our newsletter at:

In last November’s issue, we featured a site visit to Madrid’s central water treatment facility as part of the University of California’s interdisciplinary Political Ecologies course. The custom course compares and analyzes environmental histories, political systems, and socio-economic and political actors in Spain and California.

This fall, semester students from the same course traveled to the capital’s Manzanares River with professor Francisco Seijo to investigate an on-going ecological restoration project. Once described by Spanish writer Quevedo as a mere “apprentice river,” the Manzanares has undergone significant transformations and now it is an excellent example of success in ecological restoration. Continue reading

The Experiences I Didn’t Know Existed

Kayla Williams is a UC Berkeley student who studied Language, Culture, Food and Business in Florence this past spring. Kayla took part in several different opportunities to interact with locals, allowing her to learn more about Florentine culture than she had ever expected. She reflects on her ability to connect with people living halfway across the world, noting that we are all the same at our core despite our perceived cultural differences. Continue reading

Home Is Where the Heart Is

This week, Santa Barbara City College student Rachel Schmidt talks about the benefits of studying abroad and getting to know a whole new city.

A little less than a year ago, shortly after announcing my desire to study abroad, I remember those around me asking, “Why Rome?”

To be honest, I didn’t know either.

Because at the time, Rome was nothing but a foreign city to me, a big city filled with cars and noise and packed buildings and people running to and fro trying to get to their next destination. So when I decided to study abroad, it was for two reasons: 1) because the program was catered towards creative writing majors, and 2) because I loved Italy. But I didn’t yet love Rome.

How my opinion changed in those three months. Continue reading

An Excerpt from Insights: Renewal & Exclusion in London’s Southbank

The Insights newsletter highlights innovative programs with ACCENT. Today’s excerpt comes from our January 2019 edition. For more Insights, visit our newsletter at:

During the final week of the University of California’s fall semester program in London, participating students took part in an insightful and engaging walk through the Southbank area of London, led by professors Sarah Wise and Michael Owens. The on-site lecture was part of London: Society and Space, a core module required of all students in the custom semester program, focusing on the development of modern London through the lens of public and private spaces, landscapes of power and inequality, and the challenges and transformations that modernization entails. Continue reading

My People Around the World

This week, we meet Assistant Programs Coordinator Anna Malloni, who recently joined our ACCENT Rome Team. Anna has studied abroad in a variety of places and finds that the most rewarding part of traveling is meeting new people along the way.

Erlend is a Norwegian-Colombian Engineering student, passionate about Japanese language and culture and taekwondo. Germán is a Mexican musician who decided to move to Norway and study to become a special education teacher. Guadalupe is an Argentinian girl who uses every single moment of her free time to pursue her dream of launching a clothes brand. Thilini is a PhD Biology student from Sri Lanka, always happy to tell you about the beautiful white beaches and the tea fields you can visit in her country. Continue reading