ACCENT on Instagram: Fall 2019 in Review

With the launch of our Instagram pages in late 2017, ACCENT has given more and more students the opportunity to share their unique experiences studying abroad. Each photo opens a window into the many services ACCENT provides its partners, from customized visits with local industry leaders to interdisciplinary course content, covering everything from STEM subjects to the arts to public policy. Today, we look at the winners of the Fall 2019 ACCENT Photo Contest. Students from every ACCENT Study Center submitted their favorite photos of life abroad. Here we present the winners for each city. Continue reading

What Not to Pack if You’re Studying Abroad

Today, we hear from Lisa Harvey, the newest member of the ACCENT Florence team. A prolific writer and enthusiastic traveler, Lisa joined ACCENT last month as a Programs Coordinator, where she organizes activities and assists students with day-to-day life abroad. This week, Lisa gives advice on what not to pack when preparing for study abroad.

When I was in the third grade, we were told to invent a machine that would help with daily life; some of my friends drew machines that would do their homework, others invented room-cleaners, and me? I invented a packing machine. I hated packing so much in third grade that I invented a machine to do it for me.

You’d think after becoming a wandering vagabond and living abroad, I’d have gotten used to this horrible process. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever get there. However, I have mastered it in a sense – so I’m here to help you not have stress when you heave that forty-nine-point-nine-pound suitcase onto the scale at the airport. There are plenty of articles on what to pack when studying abroad, but these lists cause over-packing. Instead, we’re going to focus on what you should leave out of that suitcase.

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Announcing the Winners of the Spring 2020 ACCENT Community College Scholarship!

Beginning with its first community college partnerships in 1991, ACCENT has continued to offer affordable short-term and semester-length custom study abroad programs designed to meet the unique academic needs of the community college population. Through these efforts, ACCENT has enabled over 8,000 students from over 25 U.S. community colleges to study abroad over the past 25 years.

Three Santa Barbara City College students have received scholarship awards to support their study abroad experiences in Florence. Throughout their time overseas, they will serve as community college student ambassadors, sharing articles about their time studying abroad. We look forward to reading about their many experiences in Italy! Meet our Spring 2020 recipients!

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Becoming a Local

This past fall, UC Berkeley Global Edge student Katherine Stevenson spent three months in London, where she learned to live like a local.

The distinction between being a tourist and a local blurs at times. While studying abroad, I traveled to a variety of other countries. I learned a little Norwegian on my trip to Oslo, I tried chimney cakes in Prague, I marveled at the magnificent Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, and I saw the La Sagrada Familia in person in Barcelona. Despite how much I loved my weekend trips that I could never have experienced in my hometown, they paled in comparison to becoming a Londoner. Continue reading

Unusual Paris

This week, ACCENT Paris Programs Coordinator Audrey Casabielhe takes us on a tour of some of Paris’ most unusual buildings, churches, and museums.

What makes the world’s passion for the city of lights never-ending is the mystery and wonder that time has engraved upon Paris. The memories of its inhabitants are palpable across the centuries. You can find odd houses, quirky statues, strange museums, unusual churches, and unimaginable buildings. More than the beauty of the city itself, these discoveries make you feel like you are a part of history. Each day you can discover Paris in a whole new way. Continue reading