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  • At ACCENT, one of the things we find so inspiring about study abroad is the opportunity to share the things you’ve learned, the places you’ve seen, and the people you’ve met, with others. The ACCENT Blog is just one way among many that you can publish your story!

    We’d love to hear from you!

    If you’re thinking about submitting a post for the ACCENT Blog, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, here are some ideas  to get you started: 
  • - Tell us about an excursion you went on, or a special place you visited on your own!
  • - What was your favorite course taken abroad?
  • - Who was the most important person you met during your time abroad?
  • - What were your favorite spots to frequent in your study abroad city?
  • - Did you volunteer or intern abroad?
  • - What was it like living with a host family in a homestay?
  • - Have an awesome photo series to share? Submit your photos and captions!
  • - How has studying abroad changed your global outlook?

  • Think you’re ready to share your story?
    Submit your post for the ACCENT Blog today! All you have to do is fill out the following, paste your blog entry into the “Blog Submission” field below, and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • 1) Please allow for up to two weeks to be notified if and when ACCENT decides to accept your post.
    2) Before submitting, please be sure to proofread your blog carefully. All posts will be edited and/or condensed as necessary, but your voice and the content of your post will remain the same. ACCENT may be in touch with you via email to request any changes/edits, additional photos and to discuss any other details related to your submitted content.
    3) The content must be original and unpublished work. ACCENT requires that all posts featured on ACCENT be unique and relevant to readers.

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