ACCENT San Francisco: Looking Forward to a First Experience Abroad

Each Spring, ACCENT San Francisco enlists the help of a local student intern to assist us with our day-to-day operations. This year’s intern was Kirsten Saldana, whose work with us inspired her to embark on her own study abroad adventure. As Kirsten prepares to leave the country for the first time, she discusses one of the things she is most looking forward to in Rome: the cuisine.

Good luck on your study abroad adventure in Rome, Kirsten, and thank you for being a truly valuable part of the ACCENT team!

20170502_123546Preparing to study abroad is both a very stressful and exciting experience. I’ve never been out of the country, so this process has made me nervous in ways I can’t begin to explain. I’m about to immerse myself in an unfamiliar country, with an unfamiliar culture, after an unfamiliarly long flight. Not to mention all of the paperwork and forms that need signing before I can even get to that part.

However, there is a light at the end of the stress-and paperwork-filled tunnel — and that is spending a month in Rome! I will be taking a class on the history of Rome and am also fortunate enough to be exploring the city with my best friend from high school. There are so many beautiful sights to see and so much to learn about Rome. Yet, what I look forward to most about my upcoming trip is the convergence of two of my favorite interests: history and food. Italian food has been a longtime favorite of mine (I attribute that to their generous use of cheese). To prepare for my trip, I’ve noted a few of the restaurants with a historic flair that I intend to visit: Ristorante da Pancrazio, Flavio al Velavedetto, and La Campana.

dapancrazio-salonedella-colonna11-1024x680The first stop on my list is Ristorante da Pancrazio. It is built over the Theater of Pompey, also known as the site of Julius Caesar’s murder. They serve classic Roman food and, in some parts of the restaurant, the walls surrounding you are literal ruins!

The second stop is Flavio al Velavedetto. This restaurant resides on the side of Monte Testaccio in an ancient wine cellar. Years ago, Romans would create caves in the side of this hill to house their wine. In Flavio al Velavedetto, you can dine next to remnants of the cellar walls.DSC02071-1The last stop on my list may be a little unattainable for me given its Michelin status, but a girl can dream. La Campana is the oldest restaurant in Rome. It was established in 1518 and is still kicking. Many reviews for La Campana praise it for being unique, great for family dining, and classically Roman.17818560_1824262921155866_4061139823182741504_n

These establishments just scratch the surface of all of the history Rome has to offer. I know I am embarking on the beginning of an incredible journey. Although I am nervous, I feel a sense of preparedness. For that, I’d like to thank the wonderful people I’ve worked with and the experiences I’ve had at ACCENT San Francisco. ACCENT was the catalyst that inspired me to make the jump to study abroad. Throughout my internship, I’ve learned things about Rome and the study abroad process that have made me feel more comfortable with my decision. With all of the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained during my time at ACCENT, I’m ready to study abroad!

~ Kirsten Saldana, ACCENT San Francisco

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