ACCENT London: A Glimpse of Royal Life

Washington University student Madison Siguenza has always been interested in the British Royal Family. So when an opportunity opened to study abroad in London, Madison embraced the opportunity and headed to the UK to see the Royals for herself.

Just like many Americans, I have a fascination with the Royal Family. I grew up reading historical fiction and watching British shows depicting the lives of the Royals. Because of this, I’ve spent time making sure I visit some of the must-see royal sites here in London.

At the end of my first full week here, I actually got to go inside Buckingham Palace, since the summer opening was still in place.

I spent most of my fall break here in London, and I took advantage of my free time to visit the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Banqueting House, and even a Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle (yes, a real Royal Wedding)!

I woke up early to take the quick train out to Windsor Castle and planted myself outside the gate to get my quick glimpse of a real life Royal, but I still had to wait a few hours before that would happen. The crowd may have been much smaller than the one for the wedding back in May, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t just as excited.The media was still present and broadcasting in front of me and radio stations were conducting interviews with the people next to me. Even though I couldn’t see what was happening beyond the gate, I could still hear the trumpets playing “God Save the Queen” when the Queen arrived. The crowd around me even began to sing along. The voices of the beautiful choir could be heard spilling out from the chapel throughout the wedding and St. George’s Bell rang loudly at the end in celebration.

Finally, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank rode by in one of the Queen’s carriages. It was a brief moment as they passed, but everyone was waving and cheering them on. I finally can check seeing a real Royal off my bucket list!

I’ve loved exploring these places, taking tours, viewing exhibitions, and attending events while based here in London. During our time in the city, it’s important to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities given to us. I know I’ll cherish these memories forever.

~Madison Siguenza, Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School

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