ACCENT Florence: Anticipation of the Possible

This week, we join Texas Christian University student Katie Kelton as she looks back on her first few months in Florence and the days and weeks to come.

After two months in Florence, I can’t imagine studying abroad anywhere else. When the time came to choose a study abroad location about six months ago, I was extremely conflicted and overwhelmed by the numerous options. I knew I wanted to study in Europe, but where? Madrid? London? Paris? Rome? After extensive research online and recommendations from friends and professors, I settled on Florence, Italy.

Although I didn’t know a single word of Italian (I couldn’t even tell you that Buongiorno meant hello), I felt the city had everything I was looking for— amazing food, a strong presence of art and history, and a distinguished culture.

When I arrived the last week of August, I was excited and nervous to start the journey of navigating a foreign country for four months. As the taxi that picked me up from the airport drove through the winding streets of Florence for the first time, I was amazed by the ancient architecture and vibrant city. Passing the Duomo, my mouth fell open in awe of its massive beauty. Those first few weeks, I felt as if I were in a different world entirely; everything was so new and exciting. Simply walking through the Conad grocery store was thrilling as I discovered popular Italian foods and candies. Above all, the art and history of the city left me scrambling to visit as many museums, churches, and palaces as possible. I would spend hours roaming the streets and filling my phone with hundreds of pictures.

After two months, I’ve grown used to the different way of life, but I still feel a tinge of excitement every time I walk out the front door in anticipation of the possible adventures in the city. I now have a routine that revolves around studying and finding new places to explore. It’s crazy to think I’m living in the moments I’ll be talking about for the rest of my life. I know in twenty, thirty, or forty years I’ll be telling my kids and maybe even my grandkids stories about my time living in Florence. With two more months until I return to the US, I hope to have many more amazing experiences to talk about in the future.

~Katie Kelton, Texas Christian University

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