ACCENT Community College Scholarship: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Today’s post comes from ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipient Juan Valeriano, who discusses how spending only a few weeks so far in Rome has allowed him and his classmates to grow and explore. The city has become a new home to them as they enjoy the new experiences studying abroad has to offer.

My experience in Rome has been amazing. After spending over a month in Rome and being settled in, it now feels like a second home: the walk to school every morning, passing ancient ruins in the heart of the city, the beautiful churches and architectural genius in every building and statue. The opportunity to travel to other cities and even countries every weekend has been a life changing experience. Throughout these past few weeks, every single one of us has grown and seen another side of ourselves that, had we not traveled to Rome, we may have never seen.


The city of Rome is unlike any other. It has welcomed our class with open arms into its ancient culture. The food, people, relics, and environment are what make this city so special. From having a snow day to eating the most delicious handmade pizza created from generations of family recipes, the experience has been outstanding.


I am beyond excited for the adventures this journey has in store for all of us. From school expeditions to different cities in Italy, to traveling to other countries in Europe with friends, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that everyone should try have for themselves.


~Juan Valeriano, Santa Barbara City College



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