A Taste of Barcelona

This week’s post comes from Texas Christian University student Olivia Paulson, who was so moved by her trip to Barcelona that she filmed and edited a short video capturing her favorite memories of that fantastic city. Olivia introduces her video with a few short words on what inspired her to go beyond merely taking photographs, instead opting to bring Barcelona to life for her friends and family.

After arriving in Barcelona to witness the beginnings of a rose-gold sunrise, I knew that I wanted to give my friends and family a glimpse into the sights of that weekend’s home. In the first hours of the trip, I took photos of nearly everything I saw but soon realized that still images of the gorgeous buildings would not capture nearly enough. New friends and the salty ocean air inspired me even more, so by the time I returned to Madrid, I was itching to show the world what I had captured. This video by no means summarizes my trip, but it gives just a taste of what Barcelona offers.

Music Credit: “Goodbye” by filous, ft. Mat Kearney

~Olivia Paulson, Texas Christian University, Spring 2017 –  ACCENT Madrid 

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