London Like a Local

This week, ACCENT London Programs Coordinator Jennifer Taylor tells us about some of the best places for food, fun, and learning in London. A native of the rural west of England, Jennifer talks about her experience moving from expansive fields and pebbly beaches to the majestic skyscrapers, fast-moving crowds, and diverse cultural exchanges that make up a vibrant city.

I have lived in London for one and a half years, and yet there is still so much I have to explore! Growing up, I lived a 10-minute walk away from a pebble beach in Somerset that gave picturesque views of the Welsh coastline. Now I live a 10-minute walk away from the London Eye and the South Bank of the River Thames! It is quite a change from fields with 17 cows, to parks that hold music festivals for 60,000 people, but I could not have made a better choice! I’m going to share some of my favorite areas of London and some secret hidden gems of the city, all within a student budget! Continue reading

Je Suis Parisienne

This week, UCEAP French Language & Culture participant Brooke Pland shares her experiences from her first few months in Paris, a city that has become her second home. As she discovers the city’s hidden treasures and overcomes linguistic and cultural barriers, Paris has become a place that she warmly returns to after her travels across Europe, in other words, home.
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ACCENT London: A Glimpse of Royal Life

Washington University student Madison Siguenza has always been interested in the British Royal Family. So when an opportunity opened to study abroad in London, Madison embraced the opportunity and headed to the UK to see the Royals for herself.

Just like many Americans, I have a fascination with the Royal Family. I grew up reading historical fiction and watching British shows depicting the lives of the Royals. Because of this, I’ve spent time making sure I visit some of the must-see royal sites here in London. Continue reading

ACCENT Florence: Anticipation of the Possible

This week, we join Texas Christian University student Katie Kelton as she looks back on her first few months in Florence and the days and weeks to come.

After two months in Florence, I can’t imagine studying abroad anywhere else. When the time came to choose a study abroad location about six months ago, I was extremely conflicted and overwhelmed by the numerous options. I knew I wanted to study in Europe, but where? Madrid? London? Paris? Rome? After extensive research online and recommendations from friends and professors, I settled on Florence, Italy. Continue reading

ACCENT Rome: Journey to the Land of Ash

This week, Kenyon College student Luke Hester describes an excursion his Study Abroad class took to the Bay of Naples. There, the group explored the ancient Roman sites of Stabiae and Pompeii with Professor Eugene Dwyer, a veteran academic and researcher specializing in Italian architecture, archaeology, and, in particular, the uniquely beautiful and eerie ruins of Pompeii.

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I Studied Abroad in the Same Place Twice — And I’d do It Again

Today we hear from our newest team member in ACCENT’s San Francisco Center, Partnership and Administrative Coordinator Alexa Ball. A New York native and NYU alum, Alexa is an International Education professional with an enduring love for Rome. Alexa discusses why she chose to study abroad twice in the Eternal City and why returning to the same city is an invaluable experience.

Hi everyone, I’m Alexa and I am one of the newest ACCENT team members based out of San Francisco. Having studied abroad many times myself, I consider myself a study abroad junkie! My study abroad experiences have taken me to Italy, Germany, Ghana, and China and after having experienced the meaningful cultural exchange that study abroad offers, I am thrilled to join ACCENT to develop transformative programs in Western Europe — and especially in Rome. Continue reading

ACCENT Madrid: Being Present

This week, University of California student Delcia Orona discusses her unique experience as a study abroad veteran among her classmates in UCEAP’s Language & Culture program in Madrid. Having already experienced the initial excitement of landing in a new country, Delcia at first found herself too focused on her previous adventures to appreciate Madrid. But eventually, she began to open herself up to all of the fantastic experiences the city of Madrid offered her.

My last study abroad adventure took place in Madrid. It was an experience that I didn’t truly appreciate until I was saying my goodbyes and moving my things out of our student apartments. But it was a small piece of a much larger journey to discover who I am and where I want to go in life, and find closure with my past. Continue reading

ACCENT Community College Scholarship: Stepping Back in Time

For this week’s post, we check back in with ACCENT Community College Scholarship recipient Patricia Dominguez, as she reflects on her time exploring the wonders of London and Edinburgh. Patricia explains how she felt a sense of living history, or traveling through time as she visited historical sites throughout the UK.

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The Crêpes of Paris

Today’s post comes from ACCENT Paris Programs Coordinator Audrey Casabielhe, who delves into the complex history of Paris’ most iconic treat: the crêpe.

If there is one treat that rhymes with Paris in everybody’s mind, it is crêpes! Having a delicious crêpe by the Pantheon or Eiffel Tower is just glorious. There is actually a lot of history behind this treat, so let’s discover it! Continue reading